Welcome to the Beer & Wings Society.

We're a group of guys who like three things: beer, wings and looking at shit on the internet.

Over beer and wings one night, we were talking about shit we looked at that day on the internet. We talked about shit that the internet doesn't seem to cover, or websites that are overall just pretty shitty - they seem to care more about making money by spamming you with ads, than actually entertaining you.

So that's why we decided to create the Beer and Wings Society. Because we can do it better.

Just like the guy that invented Doggystyle. He saw Adam ploughing Eve all missionary-like, and was like "Dude, I can do that better." Then he bent her over and rammed it home.

That's us. The doggystyle guy.

Are we better than all those other sites? Who the fuck knows, or cares? As long as you enjoy our sites and get some TLA out of it(Tits, Laughs & Asses) then it's all good with us. And if we make a few extra bucks out of it to buy us beer and wings every couple of weeks, then all the better.

Enjoy this shit.

The Beer & Wing Society Dudes PS: We're adding more sites to our network, right now all we've got is Thong Of The Day but hey it's pictures of chicks of thongs - that should keep you busy for awhile.